Pelgrims for Peace

In the Footsteps of Franciscus van Assisi

Pelgrims Motivation
Dutch texts giving an impression of the purposes and aims of the journey.

Maps and Dutch descriptions of the routes walked.

... and poems of the participants and of others.

Pictures of the pelgrimage with captions in Dutch.

Fourteen questions in Dutch to induce a good intention or conversation.

[INTRODUCTION] To pilgrimate in the footsteps of Franciscus, what does that mean? What kind of life did Franciscus have and what are his most important texts? What does a pilgrimage demand of your and what are practical suggestions? From a broad spiritual perspective you'll find answers to these questions under the heading motivation. This site also offers the routes of pilgrimages from Florence to San Sepolcro and from San Sepolcro to Assisi in Toscany and Umbria, Italy. This is the area where Franciscus lived. A few texts give an impression of how the participants of contributed to this pilgrimage. There are also photo's. Almost all texts on this site are in Dutch.